Hi, my name is Michael. I am the owner and sole proprietor of Ivory Web Designs and I would like to wish you a warm welcome.

Ivory Web Designs is an affordable, dynamic and professional web design service based in County Wexford, Ireland. What separates us from the rest is 15 years of software development experience in console & PC gaming for the world leading publisher Microsoft, focusing particularly on user experience and localization/globalization. This allows us a very unique approach to website design and allows for very focused and responsive designs. This in conjunction with the technologies now available for website design (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP5 etc.) means we can use our unique skillsets to the fullest.

In simple terms, a website is a shop front for a business or organisation. In many instances it can be the customers first interaction with a business and we know first impressions last. Optimising access to your services & products is fundamental to success. That excessive page loading time, that one extra click of a mouse button or not facilitating for mobile devices can mean the difference between a successful sale and the customer moving on to a competitor. At Ivory Web Designs, we focus on getting the design basics right first and ease of access for the customer is top of the list.

We believe a visitor’s experience should be memorable and place a strong emphasis on making a website exciting visually and from an interactive perspective. “Standing out” from the rest is very important in business today and is proven to result in attracting new customers & increasing repeat business.

If you are considering whether a website is a beneficial addition to your business/organisation or your current solution isn’t quite what you had hoped for, why not get in touch and we can talk through your needs, the benefits a website can bring and why Ivory Web Designs should be the first port of call on an exciting journey to expand your business.