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Localization Wexford - Ivory Web DesignsWhat is Localization?

Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to the local language and culture of the target market. This process involves much more than the simple translation of text. Culturally adapted web sites reduce the amount of required effort from visitors to the site allowing for ease of processing information, making navigation easier and resulting in attitudes toward the web site being more favourable. For example a customer in Germany visiting a hotel website in Ireland will be much more likely to make a booking if the online process is in German and has a similar look-and-feel to making a booking in their own country.

Website localization aims to enhance a website so that it seems “natural”, to its viewers despite any cultural, language and / or geographical differences between the host nation and the target audience. Two factors are required to make this successful; programming expertise and linguistic / cultural knowledge. This is where Ivory Web Designs stands out from the rest.

Ivory Web Designs offers localization & globalization services as well as consultancy in “World Ready” software development. With over 15 years of experience in the Localization industry, we can ensure best practices are implemented to make your website or software ready for the international markets.

localization wexford - global mapHow can Localization benefit my Business?

  • English may be at the top of the ladder regarding languages used on the internet today, but is closely followed by Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and German. These languages equate to approximately one billion online users! A huge potential market for growth for any business. Over 55% of users place more value on information in their native language over price!
  • A business offering its website in native language(s) comes across as a professional, global business, which leads to increased credibility. Online customers respect businesses that speak their language and offer services and products tailored to their culture. This will result in customer loyalty and a positive business image.
  • Localizing your website ensures your business a presence in a target country. The translated parts of your website are indexed by search engines and found by online users searching in their native language.
  • All businesses aim to grow and increase their profits and localization can help achieve that. Successfully penetrating and selling in an international market opens up so many new business opportunities and increases the market base exponentially. It may be worth noting that 85% of people require information in their own language before they will make an online transaction.

localization wexford - world is your oysterWhy not contact us today to see how we can get your website or software “World Ready”!

  • Translation Management.
  • Localization friendly website design.
  • Upstream Engagement consultancy with development teams.
  • Localization Quality Assurance.
  • And much more!